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29 Jun 2018 |

LIFE CRAL Project Mid-tem Workshop @Kilometro Rosso

On Wednesday 27th June 2018, the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District, the scientific park where Brembo is headquartered, played host to the CRAL project Mid-term Workshop, a public event aimed at disseminating the project goals, progresses and first results.

Among the speakers was professor Mark Jolly from the University of Cranfield (UK). As a Professor of Sustainable Manufacturing, prof. Jolly has a more than 35 years’ experience in sustainable manufacturing, process modelling and the foundry industry.

Next to presentations made by Brembo and Cannon engineers, Prof. Jolly held a discussion about the novel low energy casting process for Aluminium Alloys. Furthermore, the event also saw the participation of doctor Fabrizio D’Errico from Politecnico di Milano’s department of Mechanical Engineering, who made a presentation on the guidelines for the market competitiveness of sustainable lightweight design by magnesium solution. Finally, presentations and discuss on the CRAL Polit line by the CRAL team followed.

The event saw the participation of several individuals from both the industry and academia. Further details on the CRAL Mid-term Workshop can be found in the gallery below.