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08 Feb 2017 |

Life Cral project has started

The LIFE CRAL project has as its objective the creation of a Pilot Semi-Solid Metal (SMM) line capable of producing high-quality and light-weight automotive cast components from both recycled and low-purity aluminium alloys and new ECO-magnesium alloys in a safe and clean manner.

Over the past few years CO2 emissions have dramatically increased thus pushing policy-makers to pass stringent environmental regulations which urge automotive companies to cut exhaust emissions. In particular, heavier vehicles have been put under the spotlight because they are linked to greater levels of polluting emissions. Despite car makers’ efforts to produce lightweight cars, aluminium casting processes, which contribute greatly to air pollution, remain largely unaddressed.

In this context, the LIFE CRAL projects aims at contributing to a dramatic cut of polluting emissions and reduction of energy consumption linked to primary aluminium production. In line with the EC regulation no 1907/2006 REACH which addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment, the CRAL novel process allows to limit the environmental and human health risks associated with highly polluting gases, such as NOx and CO2, used in conventional casting processes for magnesium alloys.

In details, the project is made up of five macro actions, each of which focuses on a particular issue. Action “A” is dedicated to preliminary studies concerning the selection of materials and the design of the Pilot-SSM line. Please visit the section “other phases” for more information on the A phase and the other phases.

Finally, the latest news, events, and achievements of the CRAL project will be periodically published on this website, so stay tuned if you want to know more about our project.