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29 Nov 2019 |

The CRAL LIFE PROJECT goes to the LIFE Programme Platform Meeting on Chemicals in Vilnius

As we all know, the main aim of the LIFE programme is the implementation of EU environmental legislation, through the hands-on development and pilot implementation of innovative technologies, best practices, tools and communication activities, and the provision of feedback for the further development of policies accordingly. In this context, this year’s The LIFE Programme Platform Meeting on Chemicals taking place from 27th to 29th November in Vilnius is structured in such a way as to allow for networking, capitalization of results and policy feedback from LIFE project. In more details, the event aims to:

1. Convey strategic feedback and provide input to policy makers in order to advance the planning, implementation and update of relevant EU policies;

2. Promote networking including exchanges of best practices and lessons learnt among ongoing and closed LIFE (as well as other EU-funded) projects, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders (e.g. SMEs, industry, academia, policy makers); and

3. Promote the added value of the LIFE Programme in the field of Chemicals.

Obviously, our researchers from the CRAL project could not miss this event. Attending workshops focusing on “chemicals substitution”, “eco-innovation and use of hazardous chemicals”, and “environmental impact reduction”, represented a great opportunity to understand which are the most discussed themes, in which direction environmental policy is going, and to what extent the CRAL project can contribute to it.

Nonetheless, the event represented a great way to network with other LIFE projects. By exchanging best practices, we could understand how other projects approached the theme of chemicals and environmental impact, especially with regards to drafting recommendations to policymakers.

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