LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission

This project receives the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission

The LIFE CRAL project

Nowadays, automotive manufacturers are pushed by stringent EU Policies to produce light vehicles in order to reduce CO2 emissions. However, there is no evidence in literature that light components are balanced in terms of total CO2 emissions over their entire cradle-to-grave life-cycle.

In this context, the LIFE CRAL project has the objective to implement a breakthrough Pilot Semi-Solid Metal (SSM) line capable of producing high-quality and light-weight automotive cast components from both recycled low-purity aluminium alloys and new ECO-magnesium alloys in a safe and clean manner.

Accordingly, the LIFE CRAL process will enable a dramatic cut of the emissions and energy consumption connected with primary aluminium production. This novel process route will also eliminate the environmental and human health risks linked to the highly polluting gases commonly used in conventional casting processes for magnesium alloys.